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Building Permit Application | 2023 Inspection Fee Schedule

Building Inspector, Aaron Holbach                              La Crosse County Zoning & Land Information Office
2800 Ward Ave, La Crosse, WI 54601                                 400 4th Street North, Room 3170, La Crosse, WI 54601                        
608-697-8007 (office), 608-617-3566 (cell)                         608-785-9722 
Certification #1528102

General Engineering Company                                     

Before You Build ... Contact La Crosse County Zoning and Land Information. La Crosse County is the zoning and planning authority for the Town of Shelby. This office will be able to answer preliminary questions and assist you in obtaining permits from La Crosse County.
When you have the necessary County permits (if needed), bring them to Town Hall with a copy of the building plans to apply for a Town building permit.
*If you create a new residential building lot with a certified survey map, there is a processing fee of $25 plus a "green" fee of $700, which is used for park development, maintenance and equipment.
*Sub-dividers are required to dedicate land for public parks and pay a fee of $250 per lot before the final plat is approved.

Online Bill Pay *DO NOT use this link for utility payments 

*Credit cards are processed through a 3rd party, AllPaid/GovPay.  The Town is not charging or collecting the processing fee.  The fees are charged by AllPaid/GovPay and will vary based on the amount processed.   
*To avoid extra fees you are welcome to send a payment, or use the drop box at the Town Hall.

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