The Town of Shelby is an unincorporated municipality located in the southwest corner of La Crosse County, just south and east of the City of La Crosse along the banks of the Mississippi River. The sloughs and bayous along its western boundary and a range of bluffs, which cross the town from north to south, provide some of the most scenic views in the area. Wildlife abounds and recreational opportunities range from camping and canoeing at Goose Island Park to skiing at Mount La Crosse.

An elected 5-person Town Board governs this town of 4,779 residents with the assistance of a Town Administrator and an appointed Clerk and Treasurer. Its unique landscape and proximity to an urban center make it a prime location for residential development. Planned growth is directed by the Town's future land use plan, which was developed in conjunction with a countywide plan. For more information about that plan, check out the "Comprehensive Plan" tab above. 

The vision statement of the Shelby Town Plan reads: "We foresee our Town to be both urban and rural in character providing a pleasant living environment for our residents. We want sound programs in place to maintain the rural agricultural character and to direct new development to those areas that are already urban in character and conform to a Town plan."

Town of Shelby Newsletter is sent out twice each year to all residents. Digital copies are made available whenever possible.

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Town Board Representatives - Elected

Position Representative Term Phone Number Email Poll Location
Chairperson Tim Candahl 4/2023-4/2025 608-780-3564 2801 Ward Ave
Supervisor Renee Knutson 4/2023-4/2025 608-461-2107 2801 Ward Ave
Supervisor Tim Padesky 4/2023-4/2025 608-780-1322 2801 Ward Ave
Supervisor Marlene Heal 4/2024-4/2026 608-790-6543 2801 Ward Ave
Supervisor Tim Ehler 4/2024-4/2026 608-792-6955 2801 Ward Ave

La Crosse County Board Representatives - Elected

District (Map) Representative Wards in Shelby (Map) Phone Number Email Poll Location
29 Ken Schlimgen Ward 4 608-786-4382 2801 Ward Ave
30 Dillon Mader Wards 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 608-792-6650 2801 Ward Ave

La Crosse County Comprehensive Plan

Representatives - Elected

  Representative Wards in Shelby (Map) Phone Number Email Poll Location
Senate District 32 Brad Pfaff Wards 1-6 608-266-5490 2801 Ward Ave
Assembly District 96 Loren Oldenburg Wards 1-6 608-237-9196 2801 Ward Ave
Governor Tony Evers Wards 1-6 608-266-1212   2801 Ward Ave