Town of Shelby - La Crosse County Wisconsin

The Road crew is responsible for maintaining 45 miles of Shelby town roads, town parks, Shelby Youth Ball fields and the sewer and water systems for Sanitary District #2. They will post weekly updates as often as possible. Thank you in advance for your patience. 

Please call the office, not the Road Crew, if you have any problems regarding a road.  608-788-1032, ext 1.

Reminders and Concerns
Town road crew and office continues to receive calls relating to grass being scraped next to the road. The Town right-of-way extends 30 to 33 feet from center line and the area adjacent to the paved road is for snow plowing and snow storage. This area will be scraped during the winter and this is unavoidable. The Town does not repair this area unless damage is extensive. Please note before calling.

Spring Roads
Once the snow is gone, the Road crew will begin cleaning up the sand from the winter. Sand from ditches and driveways can be placed in the street to be picked up by the sweeper when it comes through. The sweeper goes out as early in the spring as possible to pick up the majority of the sand and then it goes out a second time to clean the streets a little better.

Winter Roads
During the winter, the crew is responsible for keeping the roads clear of snow, trimming trees from road shoulders and maintaining the Town's equipment. During snow events the Town uses 6 plow trucks and a snow blower to keep the roads and walkways open. The 7 full time road crew is supplemented by 2-3 part time workers in the winter to assist with plowing.

Summer Roads
Summer time projects include street sweeping, ditch cleaning, drain repairs, general road work, road side mowing and any other repairs needed to the Town's facilities. The 7 full time road crew is supplemented by 6-8 part time workers in the summer to keep the parks mowed.

Road and Drainage Projects Set to Begin in 2021(include but are not limited to):
North Chipmunk Road (rebuild) | Skyline Access Road (drainage/rebuild) | Forest Ridge Road (grind/raise)| Hickory Lane & Wedgewood Drive (retaining wall/ ditch/ prep for 2022) | Easter Road (drainage/ double seal coat)| Cedar Road & Mesa Road (ditch/ culvert/ chipseal)| E. Helke Road (chipseal)| Coulee Springs Lane (chipseal)

Road and Drainage Projects Set to Begin in 2022(include but are not limited to):
Hickory Lane & Wedgewood Drive (rebuild) | Boma Road (pipe crossings) | Mill Strean Addition (ditch/pipe)| Forest Ridge Drive (pave) | Crown Boulevard (drainage)