The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining 45 miles of Shelby town roads, town parks, Shelby Youth Ball fields and the sewer and water systems for Sanitary District #2. 

Please call the Town Hall if you have a concern or complaint about a road or utility. The office staff will relay the information to the appropriate person. 608-788-1032, ext 1.  

After Hours:  If you have a concern or observation to report that is time sensitive (road obstructions/failures, fallen trees, flooding, sewer backups, watermain breaks, etc.), call La Crosse County Dispatch at 608-785-5944, and they will contact the Public Works Employee on-call.


The Town road crew and office often receives calls relating to grass being scraped next to the road in the winter due to plowing. The Town right-of-way extends 30 to 33 feet from center line and the area adjacent to the paved road. This is Town property and is for snow plowing and storage. At times, this area will be scraped during the winter and is unavoidable. The Town does not immediately repair this area unless damage is extensive. In the spring, our crew repairs these areas and re-seeds the grass. Please note this before calling. The right-of-way area also applies the other months of the year. If anything is placed in the right-away such as a sprinkler head, or a ditch is filled in, the Town has the right to remove it. Also, any personal property in the right-a-way damaged by the Town will not be replaced.  

Town does not allow dumpster or other obstructions to be placed on Town right-of-way without a permit. Permits are available, and the property owner would be responsible for any damage to the road.  

A permit is required for driveway restructuring. An approved driveway permit with payment must be completed before the work begins. Our public works department must review your plan and ensure that any culverts are in good condition and is water flowing correctly.

Director of Public Works

Terry 2800 Ward Ave 608-788-1032 ext. 5 Email Terry

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