Town of Shelby - La Crosse County Wisconsin

Planning Commission members are volunteers and are appointed by the Town Board to serve the people of Shelby. The Board over sees the zoning districts to make sure everything is zoned correctly and kept up to date with the population and needs of the Town.  New Building developments, Variances, Conditional Use Permits, Certified Survey Maps, etc. are reviewed at the Planning Commission and then their review is given to the Town Board.  The Town Board then reviews the details at their meeting and forwards their approval or denial to the County for submission.  Residents can contact the Town Hall to submit their requests and plans and be placed on the agendas.  The Planning Commission and Town Board meet on the same evening so the residents can attend both and answer any questions the Committee has. 

Planning Commission Meetings are generally held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 4:00 p.m. in the Town Hall meeting room, 2800 Ward Avenue an hour before the Town Board meeting.  The site is handicap accessible. Meeting dates and times are subject to change. 

Planning Commission Application

Planning Commission Members 

Marlin Helgeson, Chairperson    
Karen Kouba, Vice Chair/ Secretary 608-397-0630  Email Karen 
Mike Kendhammer 608-787-0797 Email Mike
Brian Benson 608-385-3710 Email Brian
Al Schulz 608-797-9545  Email Al 
Elliott Bujan 847-830-7082 Email Elliott 
Rebecca Flege (Alternate) 608-799-0612 Email Rebecca
Renee Knutson, Town Board Representative 608-461-2107 Email Renee 



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