Town of Shelby - La Crosse County Wisconsin


The Town would like to remind you all that if you are seen or caught on camera dumping tree stumps, brush, personal property, trash, etc. onto Town property or into a Town dumpster, you will be issued a citation for Unlawful Dumping which carries a fine of $200.00. This means that if your brush pile is too large, you cannot simply dump it at a Town park, lift station or well house. When you dispose of your personal property, brush, tree stumps, trash, etc. on public property, you are taking one or more road crew workers away from their actual work so they can clean up your mess. We have already issued warnings this season and we still find items in ditches or large piles of tree stumps and wood piled somewhere the Town is forced to pick it up.

No more warnings will be issued, no exceptions will be made.

**Above is a pile we found this morning (6/25/2020) at our lift station up on Hillcrest.

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