Town of Shelby - La Crosse County Wisconsin


2022 BRUSH pick up dates:
April 20th & 21st
May 18th & 19th   

June 15th & 16th

July 27th & 28th

August 24th & 25th

September 21st & 22nd

October 19th & 20th

November 16th & 17th (weather permitting)


*If there should be a large storm event (hopefully not!), a Town wide brush pick up would occur and brush piles of all sizes would be picked up.


As a reminder, please have your pile of brush neatly stacked on your front lawn with the cut ends toward the street.  The pile must be 4' tall by 4' wide by 8' long (4'x4'x8') or less with individual branches no larger than 8 inches in diameter.  Also, do not bundle brush with twine or string and branches must be free of metal wire, rope, tinsel, plastic, stone, or any other debris.  Non-compliant brush piles will not be picked up. 

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