Town of Shelby - La Crosse County Wisconsin

Road Work Updates

Hello all! It will be another busy few weeks for our Road Crew here in Shelby. See ongoing projects below: 


1- Micro sealing should be done this week for Knobloch, Valley, Werner, Woodland, Orchard Valley, Floral, Shop, Fire Department and the Office.


2- Chip sealing should also be done this week (1st Phase). Skemp, Le Jeune, Breidel, R. Herold, Red Oaks, Highland, Timber and Ridgewood. 


3- All pre-work ditching, grading, packing and patch work is done by the Shelby Road Crew and our part-timers. (GREAT JOB GUYS!)


4- A storm water pipe will be added to E. Helke this week to help control the water flow.


5- Road work in Arbor Hills will begin in the month of August, the first phase is preparation for chip sealing the road. 


Please call Town Hall if you have questions. 608-788-1032 ext. 6 OR email


Stay safe and healthy everyone! 


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