Town of Shelby - La Crosse County Wisconsin

Road Resurfacing, August 16th - August 26th

We apologize for the inconvience, Fahrner Asphalt has shifted the start date for the following roads to 8/16/19. 

When the crew arrives on your road, please park off of the street in order to allow them to resurface.

You can reach Fahrner Asphalt at (608) 782-5161, with any road related questions. 

Kearns Court                                  Green Street

Kreutz Lane                                    Cherrywood Drive

Birchwood Lane                             Brookside Drive

Evergreen Lane                               Diagonal Road      

Lauterbach Road                            Brickyard Lane

Deerview Drive                              H. Werner  

Knobloch Rd                                    Valley Road

Boulder Ct                                        Orchard Valley Road

Briarwood Ave                                 Woodland Drive

Pine Bluff Rd                                     Hagen Road

Sprig St                                              Pammel Creek Park

26th Street                                        28th Street


Please feel free to contact the Town Hall by phone at 608.788.1032 with any concerns or questions.



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