Town of Shelby - La Crosse County Wisconsin

Road Department Update

January is off to a busy, productive start!  Our E-Waste event collected the most we ever have - 30, 4 x 4 x 4 totes!  The large dirt piles at the well house and at Battlestone are cleaned up and removed.  The dirt was used to build up the road shoulders on N. Chipmunk and the back part of Briedel Coulee Road.  A wash out on Red Oaks was repaired.  Open Shelters in Pammel Creek Park and Boma were started.  The first round of Christmas trees have been picked up.  All of this on top of snow and ice removal!

Week of 1-18-2021

  1. Prepare communication to residents along Pammel Creek for upcoming tree and debris removal in February 
  2. Service Equipment
  3. Haul leaves from leaf pile to spread in fields
  4. Work on well house (contractor)
  5. Second round of Christmas tree pick up
  6. Videoing sewer in Irish Ct. (lining project)
  7. Get ready for SSD#2 inspections


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