Town of Shelby - La Crosse County Wisconsin

Bob Mueller steps down as Chairman of Sanitary Sewer District Board

The October 24th Sanitary District meeting, saw the end of an era for the SSD #2. Chairman Bob Mueller gave his final sign off as a member of the Sanitary District Committee.

As Bob shared in a letter updating the Shelby team last week... "After 35+ years that I have been on the Board, many of them as Chairman, I've decided it's time to wrap it up. I've enjoyed all the years of being involved with Shelby's water and sewer utility. I feel good about all that the SSD has achieved, thanks to everybody that has been involved."

Bob... thank you for your years of commitment and service to all of the Shelby Sanitary District residents! We promise to keep up the good work in your honor!

L-R Kurt Knutson, Bob Mueller and Steve Lundsten

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