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Update:  Thursday 9/14/17

Town of Shelby News

The TOS has entered into an agreement with SEH to provide Engineering services for the Town of Shelby. One of the main purposes of this agreement is to assist the Road Crew in proper installation of repairs from the July 2017 flood. Why is this so important? A portion of the project cost is grant eligible if the TOS receives FEMA funding. The Supervisors are expecting a written statement from the President Trump on his decision possible as early as September 27th. That doesn’t provide a lot of time to get the work done before winter. Therefore, we must move forward diligently to meet this seasonal restraint.

Roadways and Drainage is priority one.

The Engineers at SEH are reviewing soil boring analysists to determine if additional bases will be required under the proposed pavement at all locations where the road has been milled down. As Jeremy says; "the base of the roadway is the most important building block of a roadway." Chosen Valley Testing took soil sample during the last week of August and data will be available shortly for SEH to determine our next step. Bids for Paving were opened last week for the Town of Shelby. Mathy Construction was the successful at $93.32 per ton; which includes some base blading and prep.

This contract was approved on September 11th at the regular Town Board Meeting. Dan, the estimator on this works said, it is a very tight schedule this season because of our work load. Mathy Construction will attempt to complete this work before the end of the fall season.

The Mormon Coulee Shelter Project

The Shelter Project at Mormon Coulee is probably no different than a number of projects we have attempted to complete on time. The Shelter Project is one of those projects. The building Architect anticipates the completion date to be in October 2017. A fundraising event for the new facility will be October 7th from 5 to 9 at Timmer’s 10 Mile, with games, prizes and raffles.

Carroll Vizecky


Click to view shelter progress!

Seeing is believing. The new Mormon Coulee Shelter is coming along. Although the project is off to a late start, everyone is focused and looks forward to the proposed completion date end of September, 2017.

The Lion’s Club is planning on more summer fundraising events in an attempt to reach a goal of $100,000 dollars toward this $265,000-dollar project. Please consider given to this worthwhile project.

Consider taking a drive down to the Mormon Coulee Park, off Highway 14, 61 and observe this project in progress. Donations can be given to a Lion’s Club member or at the Town of Shelby web-site with a credit card.


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