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Road Department


The Road crew is responsible for maintaining 45 miles of Shelby town roads, town parks, Shelby Youth Ball fields and the sewer and water systems for Sanitary District #2.


During the winter, the crew is responsPlow_Truck_with_2_bladesible for keeping the roads clear of snow, trimming trees from road shoulders and maintaining the Town's equipment.  During snow events the Town uses 6 plow trucks and a snow blower to keep the roads and walkways open.

Summer time projects include street sweeping, ditch cleaning, drain repairs, general road work, road side mowing and any other repairs needed to the Town's facilities.

The 5 full time road crew is supplemented by 6-8 part time workers in the summer to keep the parks mowed and 2-3 in the winter to assist with plowing.

Reminders and Concerns:  Town road crew and office continues to receive calls relating to grass being scraped next to the road.  The Town right-of-way extends 30 to 33 feet from center line and the area adjacent to the paved road is for snow plowing and snow storage.  This area will be scraped during the winter and this is unavoidable.  The Town does not repair this area unless damage is extensive.  Please note before calling.

Spring Roads:  Once the snow is gone, the Road crew will begin cleaning up the sand from the winter.  Sand from ditches and driveways can be placed in the street to be picked up by the sweeper when it comes through.  The sweeper goes out as early in the spring as possible to pick up the majority of the sand and then it goes out a second time to clean the streets a little better.

Please call the office, not the Road crew, if you have any problems regarding a road  Call the General Hotline ext 6

Notice to Vendors

May 15, 2018

Notice to Vendors

The Town of Shelby is soliciting quotes to remove approximately 1350 CY of material on Valley Rd in the Town of Shelby.  Once the base is removed 1-1 ¼ “ gravel will be compacted on the roadway and rough graded to match the existing shoulders and driveway entrances.  This quote shall be cost per CY removal and installation; material will be purchased by the Town of Shelby.  The Contractor is responsible to maintain traffic while working on this low volume residential street.  Emergency Vehicles passage shall be considered during the entire project.

The Town of Shelby reserves the right to accept or decline all quotes based on pricing, contractor performance and funds available for this work.  The Town of Shelby is an equal opportunity employer.

Please contact Administrator Carroll Vizecky at 608-788-1032 ext. 9 or email

Quotes will be opened on May 21 at noon and the work shall commence within 2 business days. This is a fast track job whereas all base work shall be completed by June 5th. A haul receiving site will be located at 2801 Ward Ave. (Town Shop)  Posted 05/15/2018


Notice to Vendors

The Township of Shelby WI is taking bids to complete a 2018 Chip sealing project.  The work will commence in the Township of Shelby, WI located in La Crosse County.  The work consists of approximately 6.1 miles of roadway +/- in the Township.  The list of location can be found on the Town of Shelby’s web-site at under roads.  The total estimated square yds are 78,000. The bid shall include the preparation of the proposed roadway prior to the application; in accord with Wis. DOT specifications. (455 Asphaltic Materials and 475 Seal Coat) Available on WISDOT SPECIFICATION. The Town reserves the right to add or subtract quantities based on the availability of funds.  Bids will be received until May 7th, 2018. More information can be obtained about work zones, traffic control and maps by contacting Jeff Fogel at or calling Town of Shelby at 608-788-1032.  Bids were open on May 7th and Fahner Asphalt Sealers will be completing the Sealcoating.  The Bid was $1.47/sq. yd.  Approved 05/15/2018

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