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1. Wedgewood Drive - from Hwy 33 north.  part of the road is being reconstructed as part of the Hwy 33 project.  Town will be rebuilding the road further north. (posted 7/31/14)

2. North Chipmunk - a portion on the east end of the road, west of Johnson Road will be widened and re-paved. (posted 7/31/14)

3. Cold mix re-paving  on Forest Ridge, Deerview Dr, Schroder Rd and a portion of Skyline Drive. (posted 7/31/14)

4. Roads to be seal-coated in 2014: Mark Place, Scott Drive, Troy Road, Woodhaven Drive, Nolop Road, Three Town Road, Terry Court, Meyer Road, McLaren Road, Dengel Road and Rosener Road. (posted 7/31/14)


The Town is selling stickers to be used when you have extra garbage that will not fit into the garbage cart.  They are 5 stickers for $15.00. (posted 5/2014) 

BRUSH: The Town of Shelby picks up brush every two weeks - pickup is done by calling or emailing the office at to be put on the brush list.  Unfortunately, many residents are placing brush in the right-a-way and not calling to have it picked up.  This brush becomes unsightly and the mower is not able to clean up the right-a-way.  If you place brush on the right-a-way please call or email. (posted 5/13/14)


REASSESSMENT: Associated Appraisal Consultant, Inc. will begin door to door viewing of real estate beginning on Monday, July 28th.  Once all of the properties have been seen, property owners will receive notice by mail of the new 2014 assessed value.  The card you receive will also list the dates and times for Open Book.  This will be your opportunity to talk to the assessor if you have any questions or concerns about your assessed value.  We expect this to occur in September.  Following Open Book, there will be a formal Board of Review.  We anticipate this will take place in October.   If you wish to formally contest your assessed value, have talked to the assessor and are not satisfied with his answers, you can make an appointment for Board of Review and plead your case.  The burden of proof is on the property owner.  We will keep you updated as the process begins. (posted 7/23/2014)  The Notice to Meet and Adjourn the 2014 Board of Review can be viewed by clicking HERE

Apply for your 2014 FIRE RING PERMIT (FREE) online-see Fire Dept heading on left and apply!  They go right to the Fire Chiefs Office and they get emailed back to you!  No need to have them mailed or get a paper copy. As of 2014 this is a one time application as long as you reside at the location on the permit. (posted 12/13)

  • STATE ROAD RECONSTRUCTION will begin March 31st.  Construction will begin at the west end of the project. 32nd Street to Norseman Road will remain open to local traffic only.  (Local Traffic includes customers of Hillside Animal Hospital) Irish Hill, from Norseman Road to Knobloch Road, will be completely closed to all traffic. Knobloch Road and those coming to La Crosse from the east will have to use an alternate route to get to La Crosse.  The official DOT detour is Hwy 14 to Wesby, then Hwy 27 to Cashton.  Local residents have a few options using county roads, but it will be a difficult summer for many of us!  This is a WI Dept of Transportation Project.  Contact State Office DOT, Brian Meyer @ 789-5676. Continue to check this web site for updates. To view a map of the project CLICK HERE (updated 3/14/2014)
  • RECYCLING CARDBOARD: Boxes should be broken down, bundled and placed next to or on top of the recycling bin and covered if it is going to rain.  Corregated cardboard has a wavy layer between the inner and outer sides. Cereal boxes, soda cartons, beer cubes, etc are not corregated cardboard and should be placed in the trash.  They are burned at the NSP RDF Facility and turned into electricity, which is not as high in the recycling heirarchy, but at this point the market for these materials does not warrant separate collection. (posted 9/13/2014)
  • 911 SIGNS: Project to replace all the 911 signs in the Town is underway.  New signs have been installed along Hwy 33, 35 and Co Road K. Project will be completed over the next two to three years.  New posts with fire numbers (same fire number/address, no new numbers) will comply with Federal mandates on size and visibility of address.  More information to follow as details of the project are completed. (posted 8/13/2014)
  • DRIVEWAY PERMIT: You need a Permit for any driveway repaving or reconstruction No charge for this permit - just like to make sure the drainage will be flowing correctly. (posted 5/13/2014)
  • There is a serious problem with dog feces being left in the parks!  It should be picked and taken home, not left in refuse containers at the parks or thrown in the bathrooms.  If the problem continues, dogs will be banned from all Town of Shelby parks.  Those who use the parks for other activities and park maintenance staff should not have to deal with your dog feces.  We are also having reports of dogs running loose in Pammel Creek Park and Mormon Coulee Park.  Dogs must be on a lease at all times outside of your yard. (posted 4/13/2014)
  • DUMPSTERS: Town does not allow dumpster or other obstructions to be placed on Town right-of-way.  Permits are available for special circumstances. (posted 4/13)
  • Town right-of-way extends 10-15 feet beyond the edge of the road.  This area is used for snow storage when snow is pushed back away from the road and sometimes the plows tear up the sod and dirt.  Generally the property owner will be responsible for repair. (posted 1/14/2014)



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