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Water break in Arbor Hills at Fen Lockney and Briarwood!!
The water is fixed and back on so please flush the air from your line by running water out of your outside faucets. 
The break created a sink hole on Briarwood 4 feet deep so the road is CLOSED until further notice.  Please take Fen Lockney around to your home until the road can be repaired. Thank you for your patience.  Friday 1/19

Right of Way tree trimming:  Please note the Road Crew will be starting in the Valley and making their way around the entire town clearing brush and trees from the Right of Way.  This allows for traffic, school busses, and Emergency Vehicles to pass through our roads.  At times, an entire tree will need to be removed.  

Recycling Brochure Calendar - the calendar has updates, please see FORMS for a new schedule.  The months with Holiday's on Mondays will have our pick up on Wed and Thurs, not as regularly scheduled Tues and Wed. 

Boundary Meetings continue for January with the City and Town, dates to come. 

New Shelter at Mormon Coulee Park

The New Shelter at Mormon Coulee Park is complete. A big THANK YOU to all our Contractors who provided time and talents in completing the shelter at Mormon Coulee Park.  A special “Thank You,” to Contractors that donated time and material to the project.

Please consider taking a drive to Mormon Coulee Park to see this beautiful building.  The Lion’s Club is seeking donations to help fund the project.  Donations are still needed to meet their goal of $50,000 dollars for this year.  Clink on Donate to do your part.

Thanks to Everyone that has donated to this project already. (posted 11/30/17)

Mormon Coulee Park Shelter Donations

Corporate: $5,000 and above    
Platinum: $1,000 to $4,999
Gold: $500 to $999
Silver: $100 to $499                
Bronze: $99 and Under

The Town of Shelby has received the following copy of the Bluffland Preservation by La Crosse County LAPC.  This document has not been approved the by Town of Shelby Board. This is for reference.  Please review and forward your comments or concerns to Tim Candahl, Tim Ehler, or Carroll Vizecky. Additional information will be be posted when it becomes available. 

BluffLand LAPC 

The Town is selling stickers to be used when you have extra garbage that will not fit into the garbage cart.  They are 5 stickers for $15.00. (posted 5/2014) 

SENIORS:  Senior Guidance is an organization dedicated to providing helpful senior living resources for the elderly.  They have a website that shows a list of services and may be of value to our residents.  Please go to for additional information.  


Apply for your 2018 FIRE RING PERMIT (FREE) online-see Fire Dept heading on left and apply!  They go right to the Fire Chiefs Office and they get emailed back to you!  No need to have them mailed or get a paper copy. As of 2014 this is a one time application as long as you reside at the location on the permit. (posted 12/15)

  • 911 SIGNS: Signs are still be installed in some locations around Town.
  • There is a serious problem with dog feces being left in the parks!  It should be picked and taken home, not left in refuse containers at the parks or thrown in the bathrooms.  If the problem continues, dogs will be banned from all Town of Shelby parks.  Those who use the parks for other activities and park maintenance staff should not have to deal with your dog feces.  We are also having reports of dogs running loose in Pammel Creek Park and Mormon Coulee Park.  Dogs must be on a lease at all times outside of your yard. (posted 4/13/2014)
  • DUMPSTERS: Town does not allow dumpster or other obstructions to be placed on Town right-of-way.  Permits are available for special circumstances. (posted 4/13)
  • Town right-of-way extends 10-15 feet beyond the edge of the road.  This area is used for snow storage when snow is pushed back away from the road and sometimes the plows tear up the sod and dirt.  Generally the property owner will be responsible for repair. (posted 1/14/2014)
  • A permit is required for Drive Way restructuring, resurfacing. There is no fee for this permit. We just want to make sure culverts are in good condition and the water flow is moving the way it needs to move. (posted 4/7/2015)


Concerns and Complaints:

Brush List Sign-up: Please leave your address when calling in to the Brush-Hot-Line at 608-788-1032 ext. 6 or email:

Info on House Checks:

2800 Ward Avenue
La Crosse, WI 54601
Phone: 608-788-1032
Fax: 608-788-6840

Office Hours 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Monday thru Friday


Tim Candahl Town Chairperson 608-780-3564

Tim Ehler Supervisor 608-792-6955

Tim Padesky Supervisor 608-780-1322

Town of Shelby is an Equal Opportunity employer. 
The Town shall not discriminate in employment, selection of vendors, or provision of services based on sex, color, ancestry, disability, marital status, race, creed (religion), age (40 or over), use of lawful products, arrest/conviction, honesty testing, national origin, pregnancy or childbirth, sexual orientation, genetic testing, military service, or declination to attend or participate in any communication about religious or political matters, or any other class or characteristic protected by state or federal law. 




Road Department

The road crew is working at the following locations and hoping to be completed before the snow falls.

Location of work:  Ebner Coulee Rd, Dirt Work, Grubbing Trees and Rip-Rap Placement.

Location of work: North Chipmunk Road, Culvert and Rip-Rap Placement.

Location: Nelson Canyon/Wedgewood Dr E, Dirt Work & Restoration.

Location of work: Valley Road, Installing Spring Line. This work should start on Monday Dec 4, 2017

Sanitary District Customers

Many of you received a bill from the Sanitary District and observed, "NSF" placed in the comment section toward the bottom left hand side of the bill.  After an investigation by our software provider, our printing company and staff at the Town of Shelby to clarify why that was printed on the "Statement" , it was determined a glitch in the software.

The printing of NSF on the statement will not affect your credit rating nor will this information be accidently forwarded to a credit bureau.  We sincerely regret this happened.

What is happening to correct this software glitch? The IT manager at Adoni our software manager has implemented additional precautionary step which will reread bill prior to the printing.

Thank you for your patients in allowing us to further investigate why this occurred.

Town of Shelby       Sanitary Commissioners    District #2


Regional Declaration of Emergency Under 49 CFR390.23 December 30,02017

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