Town of Shelby, Wisconsin

Elections and Voting Information

**There is NO voting in the Town of Shelby today, Nov 7th, 2017

Voting Location:  Shelby Town Annex, 2801 Ward Avenue, La Crosse, 28th Street Entrance
Absentee Ballot and Office Location:  
Shelby Town Hall, 2800 Ward Avenue
2018 Election Days:  
     Spring Primary - Tues. Feb. 20
     Spring Election - Tues. April 3
     Partisan Primary - Tues. Aug. 14
     General Election - Tues. Nov. 6

Election results for Tuesday, April 4th, 2017:
We had a 30% turnout or over 1,066 voters, such great voter participation in Shelby!
State Superintendent of Public Instruction:
Tony Every 760
Lowell Holtz 242
Justice of the Supreme Court:
Annette Ziegler 716
Court of Appeals Judge District 4:
Michael Fitzpatrick 724
Shelby Town Chairperson:  
Tim Candahl 814
Shelby Town Supervisors:
Tim Ehler 599
Tim Padesky 576
Rob McMahon 400
La Crosse School Board:
Connie Troyanek 630
Laurie Stoll 592
Dave Rudolph 536
Allen Pruitt 384
West Salem School Board:
Sylvester Clements 9
Catherine Griffin 9
County PRAT Tax Referendum:
Yes 574
No 467
Shelby Referendum on 5 person Board:
Yes 602
No 431

Polls open from 7am - 8pm

April 4th La Crosse School District Ballot sample
April 4th West Salem School District Ballot sample

**REGISTRATION:  Where do I vote?  Am I registered?  
Apply on-line to register to vote and/or request an absentee ballot at
Complete the questions and mail your application with your proof of residence (where you live) to the Clerk listed on the registration page.  Or you can fill out this form attached:  
 Voter Registration Application 
First time voters and absentee requests will also need to send a copy of their Wisconsin ID or Drivers License.  
You must live IN SHELBY for 10 DAYS prior to each Election to register to vote here.   

  Click on the District MAPS below to view the District you are in:    

94th and 95th Districts                  28th and 29th Districts 


Click above for the application for an absentee ballot. 
Sign it, send along a copy of your Wisconsin ID, and mail to: Town of Shelby Clerk, 2800 Ward Ave, La Crosse, WI 54601.  You can also email it to:

**Please note:  Post Office Mailing times are averaging 4-5 days to get TO you and 4-5 days to get RETURNED, please plan to request your Absentee ballot as soon as possible. 10 Postal days before the Election is March 22nd!

In Person Absentee voting for the February Spring Primary Election will be available from
Monday 3/20/17 - Friday 3/31/17 during regular office hours 8am-4pm.  
*On Fri. 3/31 ONLY we will be open until 5pm.  
Please see attached notice:        
Type E Absentee Notice 

**There is NO absentee voting on Monday, 4/3/17.  

Photo ID:  For the latest information on Voter ID, FREE WI ID cards, videos, and information go to:

Spring Primary: non-partartisan primary held the third Tuesday in February to nominate candidates to be voted for at the spring election. 
Spring Election: election held the first Tuesday in April for Court of Appeals Judges, Circuit Court Judge, County nonpartisan Offices, Municipal Offices, School District Offices, and referenda, and in Presidential years, to express party preferences for Presidential candidates.
Partisan Primary:  primary held the second Tuesday in August to nominate candidates to be voted for at the general election and referenda.
General Election:  election held in even-numbered years on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November to elect the President and Vice President (in even numbered years), United States Senator, Representative in Congress, State Senator, Representative to the Assembly, District Attorney, County Partisan Offices, and referenda. 

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