Town of Shelby - La Crosse County Wisconsin

Inspection Department

If you plan to do any building, your first stop is the La Crosse County Zoning and Land Information Office located in Room 3170 of the County Administrative Center, 400 4th Street North in downtown La Crosse. Phone: 608-785-9722. Once you have the necessary county permits, bring them to the town hall with 2 copies of the building plans to apply for your building and electrical permits.

If you create a new residential building lot with a certified survey map, there is a processing fee of $25 plus a "green" fee of $700, which is used for park development, maintenance and equipment.

Sub-dividers are required to dedicate land for public parks and pay a fee of $250 per lot before the final plat is approved.

Do I Need a Building Permit?

Inspection Department

Wisconsin New Building Application
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2020 Inspection Fee Schedule

To pay for Building Permits: 

Building Inspector

Jim Webb, PE
Phone: 780-4672
FAX: 784-3945